Welcome to the ‘Ulila Bayani’ Team!

Ulila Bayani translated means Orphan Hero. Orphans need heroes, champions – someone who will regularly help them, support them and love them. Consistent giving brings them consistent hope.

The Ulila Bayani Team is a group of passionate and determined monthly givers that are on a mission to end the orphan crisis in the Philippines. We invite you to join the team in our dedication to being problem-solvers for the orphans and vulnerable children of the Philippines. 

Your monthly gift, combined with others doing the same, has an instant impact and produces immediate results that make all the difference for Filipino orphans.

As a part of Ulila Bayani you will receive special monthly updates with stories of how your giving is impacting and transforming the lives of the Filipino children in our care.


Monthly donations are the most powerful way to give!

As a member of the Ulila Bayani Team, you will play an integral role in our mission to be a catalyst for:

          • Changing the lives of orphan children
          • Changing policy and legislation that slows down adoption
          • Changing the elements of society that lend themselves to the birth of orphans

Benefits of becoming a monthly donor

Giving is Quick and Secure