The Philippines Orphanage Foundation is a faith-based ministry started with the hope of rescuing and transforming the lives of Filipino orphans.

Being “faith-based” means we want to glorify God by partnering with local churches in the Philippines to help take in, care for and lovingly impact the physical and spiritual lives of these precious children.

This partnership involves working together to build family-style facilities which will house and shelter the children. Likewise, our Filipino church partners direct and care for them under the general oversight of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

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As an organization, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation which means all contributions are tax deductible as allowable under the law. If you would like to view a PDF of our approval letter from the IRS, please click here.  We are also registered with the State of Georgia as a licensed charitable organization with appropriate by-laws and resolutions on file with the State.

Our team is shown below, and we have also included some FAQ’s for even more information. Thank you for taking time to look around our site. We hope you will consider joining us in our mission. God bless you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to love, disciple and care for Filipino orphans. We desire to profoundly impact their lives by building and operating a network of family-style orphanage facilities.

Money given to us is more than a feel good “donation.” It is an investment; an investment which will greatly impact and improve the circumstances and lives of orphaned Filipino children and radically change their destiny in life. The snowball effect over time of our work will contribute to a social, economic and spiritual upswing in the communities where we operate.

Jesus said, “For God so loved the world….” and in another place He said, “Go into all the world….”

Our lives are global. The computers we work on can access information on any country at any time. Our televisions give us news and information concerning events from all around the world. We are global, therefore, our caring should be global as well.

We agree the problems we face in the US should be addressed and in doing so we are able to bounce back and recover. The issues third-world countries face are not so easily dealt with or ever really solved. They can’t just bounce back. When we step into a country like this, we are impacting lives for the betterment of our global community.

It’s very feasible because the need is so great. Every time an orphanage is built, an immediate change will begin to take place in the community. Supplies are purchased and workers are hired benefiting the economy. The ground will be broken and the work will begin. This is a project a whole community can rally around. It’s a feel-good project and a great human interest story but our program goes way beyond that. The lives of orphaned children will be changed for the betterment of themselves, their communities and ultimately their country.

Absolutely. Aside from being accountable to the Philippines Department of Social Welfare and Development, we will track measureable outcomes ourselves. While in our care, we will track the children’s medical history, their physical growth and their educational and spiritual development. In doing so, over time, we will be able to demonstrate pronounced growth in each of these areas for each of the orphans in our care. The whole program is geared around transforming each child into a godly and productive citizen.
We don’t necessarily compare or look at ourselves as competition with the other orphanages or children’s homes. The more orphanages the better. We are somewhat unique, however, in that our goal is not to house a large number of children at each facility. We salute those that provide on this scale but we are geared more toward a family-style facility that implements a very personal “whole person” program where each child will be given personal care and attention.
In general, success rates are better for those who possess drive, passion, heart and maintain a ‘never say die’ attitude for their mission. We clearly have this singleness of vision, drive and passion to be successful. Biblically, the Lord favors orphans. We clearly hear His heartbeat for this and believe we have His favor along with a detailed vision and focus to see this mission and program come to pass and to truly be successful in every sense of the word.

Meet Our Team

Hank & Belinda Sams

Hank and Belinda Sams

Dana & Debbie Schroeder

Andy & Trina Slatton

Pastor Phil & Rachel Frasier

Pastor Phil and Rachel Frasier

Pastor Jimmy and Marie Palencia (and Jiram Ezri)

Pastor Jeremy & Kristine Ferguson

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